Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables are the things that get you to sites such as youtube or facebook here is an example.

Without these cables we couldn't even load the game pong!(Well we could it would just take a long time) So these are the most important thing for the internet today because without them we would need to go back to the older slower version with the terrible phoneline noise.

Here's an image of a fiber optic cable:

Fiber optics are just tubes of some sort of rubbery substance and inside are glass threads used to move the packets of the website you want in about 0-3 seconds.

  1. There are 2 types of fiber optics, Multimode and single mode
  2. Multimode fiber optics are used for short range such as a street
  3. Single mode Fiber optics are used for long range such as telling your friend in Taipei, Japan "Hey, How have been doing?".(in japanese of course)

A video showing te workings of the internet and WWW

Of course these are the very fabric of loading things to your computer if these never existed we would be wait forever just to load youtube or soundcloud (Top Things for Music and Videos) so we would need to hear and see these in very low quality.

The internet and WWW are extremly important in this generation and Fiber Optics have helped ALOT but the languages of the internet such as HTML is running this very website. then theres Javascript which is better used for games such as Overwatch and fiber optics helps those players join with other players and play together. Which is why this generation is very social online because of these fiber optics even the creator of this website uses Amino which is basically facebook but on a specific subject and the WWW and most importantly the internet.

So how have these amazing Cables helped us?

  1. We can connect to websites and the WWW much faster than we used to
  2. We can talk to people from across the world
  3. We can use this for fast search results and learn about the languages of the internet and WWW
  4. How the Internet intercrosses the pathways so there is more than one way to get the website you want